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Parks and Panoramic Spots

The trees, woodlands, rocks, waterfalls… In his works, Nature is present in any forms and in all its liveliness.

Leaving from Piazza Zampillo,circling the Municipal Building, the upper part of the town is the oldest – made up of small alleys, steep stairs and small dwellings built upon the rocks. This is the way to the lovely pineta del Carmine (pine grove) that surrounds the upper part of the town and completely covers Monte Omo and Monte Cuccureddu.

In 1888, the Local Council decided to restore the ancient splendour to the mountains and protect the town from environmental imbalances caused by deforestation: 500 pine trees were planted which in a few years’ time became 130,000 - returning the original beauty to the area. The pine grove is dominated by a small crucifix placed above the rocks. There is an evocative view of the residential area and surrounding mountains from here.

Following along a paved road that runs along the rio Fluminera river, the tourist will arrive at the parco di Castangias. This area was once home to beautiful woods filled with cherry, walnut and chestnut trees (from which the area – Castangias – gets its name). The abundance of water has always characterized these places, so much so that an aqueduct was built to gather the waters of the many springs to distribute to the town. This aqueduct has been out of use since the 1970’s and the entire area was abandoned for a period of time but it has been recovered and is ideal for pleasant, relaxing excursions.

Following along towards the town, after a few metres there is a small crucifix: it is here that the dirt road on the left leads to one of Villacidro’s most evocative panoramic points, Piazzale Giarranas, often mentioned in novels written by Giuseppe Dessì. It is easy to be completely enchanted by surrounding nature and the charm of the imposing granite spires overlooking the landscape

Backtracking a bit under the green pine grove, one heads towards the town passing in front of Piazza Seddanus where two crucifixes are placed, one of which is visible from every part of town. There is a magnificent view of the entire town and the extended plains of Campidano from this piazza. Descending along the via Vittorio Emanuele, one crosses through the ancient Seddanus district, passing by the Bishop's palace back down in the direction of Monti Mannu.

Having left the residential area, one heads towards the mountains on Villacidro’s other side to reach two important town parks: thel Parco di San Sisinnio The enormous olive trees in the Parco di San Sisinnnio create a suggestive and even magical atmosphere: the largest gathering of olive trees on the island are here, some of which reach dimensions that are truly majestic. Many legends tell of these trees, of witches and of San Sisinnio – the feared adversary of the hags: the twisted trunks were an ideal hiding place to attempt an escape - in vain - and it takes no effort to imagine these witches imprisoned in the effort to wriggle free and run off.

A pause under these age-old paladins is a must and will offer energy to the heart and soul. Not far from there stands another park: Parco Villascema offers the possibility of relaxing excursions in the valley, painted a lively red by the cherry trees. There is a festival dedicated to this fruit every June that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the island.

Route type:
by car, walking, in mountain bike

Travel time:
full day

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To be seen

Belvedere Giarranas

Piazzale Giarranas, often mentioned in the novels written by Giuseppe Dessì, is renowned for the imposing granite spires called "Is Campanas de Sisinni Contu" (Sissinni Contu’s bells).

Castangias Park

The area in the outskirts of the town now known as Parco Castangias (Castangias Park) was once a beautiful forest filled with cherry trees, European nettle trees, walnut trees and first and foremost chestnut trees, from which the place gets its name.

Pine Grove

A lovely, dense pine grove surrounds the upper portion of Villacidro, entirely covering the slopes of Monte Omo and Monte Cuccureddu upon which the town is positioned.

San Sisinnio Church

The numerous archaeological finds from the Nuragic and Roman ages found in the surroundings, however, testify that the site was a "magical" place and particularly suitable for religious celebrations since ancient times.

Seddanus square

Situated in the outskirts furthest north of the town, this amazing, natural panoramic terrace is one of the most beautiful places and most loved by locals.