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Seddanus square

Situated in the outskirts furthest north of the town, this amazing, natural panoramic terrace is one of the most beautiful places and most loved by locals.

From here, one can enjoy an extensive view of Campidano and, above all the sunset; an impressive show of lights where all the towns in the plane shine, from Cagliari and almost as far as Oristano. The small square present day hosts two crosses: one, of monumental dimensions and dating back to the 50s. The other, recently restored, faithfully recreates the old cross of Seddanus, installed in 1927.

The cross of Seddanus has a particular meaning, it is said that Villacidro was built along the imaginary contours of the cross, whose axis are formed by its four most ancient quarters and the centre is represented by the square where the main church resides. The extremities of each quarter have a cross that greets visitors arriving or leaving the town from any of its main roads.

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Author's words

Suddenly, the street lamps in the town came on: it was as if the stars, unseen, had fallen from the sky. What a beautiful sight, Villacidro at night, from “poggio di Seddanus”, when it is neither quite day nor quite night.

(Giuseppe Dessì, Diari)