Overview of Paese d'Ombre


Numerous threads leading to as many experiences emerge from the works of Giuseppe Dessì. Each of these invites you to discover the many aspects of local culture.

The Linas Massif and and its waterfalls

The mountains surrounding Villacidro are a part of the Massiccio del Linas (Linas Massif), one of Sardinia’s most characteristic mountain ranges, of particular geological, faunistic, floral and historic-mining interest.

Plants that are centuries and thousands of years old

The San Sisinnio, park, Sardinia’s most unique olive grove: 25 olive trees that are thousands of years old, some of which reach the towering height of 13 metres with trunks that measure a circumference of over 5 metres.

Stone and Clay houses

A maze of narrow cobblestone lanes and age-old stairs connecting them. Many houses were built from local stone (mostly granite) or cling breathlessly to the rocky walls, becoming an integral part of them.

Ancient agro-pastoral traditions

Villacidro has an economic agro-pastoral tradition that is deeply linked to local resources, the mountains in particular, with pig, sheep and goat breeding.

Authentic flavors

Bread has always been an essential product in its quality as food as well as its ritual significance. It has been baked for centuries in traditional wood ovens is related to recurrences and important moments for the individual as well as for the community such as weddings or Easter.

Art of basket weaving

In the past, there were two types of baskets: those made by men that were rough and for work purposes such as harvesting and fishing and those made by women for domestic use.

Filigree Jewellery

Villacidro holds the secrets of the ancient Sardinian art of jewellery making and is proud of its great handcrafting tradition of the creation of jewels.


The art of pottery is strongly characterized by the genuine simplitown of its shape and among the most popular objects appear everyday tools.

Inside the novels of Dessì

Paese d’ombre... Norbio, San Silvano, Cuadu, Ordena, Villacidro: many places for one unique place, the human and narrative centre of Dessi’s universe.


The popular traditions of Villacidro are an integral part of the daily life of the Sardinian people, evidence of the past, some never completely disappeared despite the advance of progress and modernity.

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