Itinerary detail

Monte Mei

This excursion is particularly suggestive since it faithfully evokes a page straight out of Giuseppe Dessì's novel Paese d’ombre (Town of Shadows)

Retracing the route that protagonist Angelo Uras followed on a hunt, the hiker can relive the event and recognize various sites such as the Croce delle Missioni (Missoni Crucifix), galleria di ricerca mineraria ( mine tunnel), i boschi di Aletzia (the woods of Aletzia) described by the author.

The excursion leaves from Piazzale Seddanus at 300 metres a.s.l., characterized by the presence of a small mission crucifix, and continues for a short while along a paved road. Once you have reached the small Sa Spenduedda waterfall you will proceed along a path that is immersed in woods filled with cork, holly oak and pine trees that leads to the famous Sa Spendula waterfalls, extolled by poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Continue along from here on the Craccuris-Mardexi road that runs along the slopes of Monte Margiani.

Continue halfway up the coast from rio Mardexi river, crossing through a charming holly oak grove that leads to the vallata di Aletzia hollow, filled with olive groves and the backdrop of many mountain activities of the past. Finally, after passing across private property, you get to the summit of Monte Mei at 482 metres, an enchanting hill that stands out for its verdant vegetation.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
4 hours

Difference in height:
182 meters

Degree of difficulty:
easy-average hiking

Geographic map


To be seen

Sa Spendula Waterfall

Immersed in the scenery of pink and grey granite rocks among the wild mountains crowning it, this waterfall has received the homage of exceptional travellers and tourists over time such as Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Seddanus square

Situated in the outskirts furthest north of the town, this amazing, natural panoramic terrace is one of the most beautiful places and most loved by locals.