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Places of The Deserter

The entire novel of Il Disertore is a voyage into the silence of the thoughts of its characters and the pursuit of the silence of these places and things.

To this day, and apparent calm envelops the ancient Castangias district, so close to the old town centre and yet so far away from its chatter, immersed in the silence of the pineta (pine grove) that surrounds and circumscribes it.

The novel is an invitation to recover and relive the sensations of that silence, evoked by nature and the woods. For those visiting Villacidro, it is obligatory to retrace the streets of Mariangela Ecca. One can choose to pass though the ancient Castangias district and climb up towards the woods that share the same name, head for the gullies of Giarranas or enter one of the many paths through woods and hollows filled with plant life, immersed in the reigning silence of nature.

The best time of day to go is at dawn during the springtime or in the evening during summer months to recover from the heat, when the breath of the trees and the energy of nature rejuvenate body and soul. There is no lack of panoramic views overlooking the plains and surrounding mountains along these paths. For those who enjoy town panoramas, there is a pleasant route on a dirt road that leads from Castangias to the pineta del Carmelo pine grove and the chapel of the Beata Vergine (Blessed Virgin), immersed in pine trees that are centuries old..

There is a splendid view of the town’s residential area next to the sanctuary. Descending along the narrow lanes, one reaches the piazza del Municipio (Town Hall Square) and can stand in respectful silence in front of the Monument to the Fallen that stands on the terrace that overlooks the old town centre

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Belvedere Giarranas

Piazzale Giarranas, often mentioned in the novels written by Giuseppe Dessì, is renowned for the imposing granite spires called "Is Campanas de Sisinni Contu" (Sissinni Contu’s bells).

Castangias Park

The area in the outskirts of the town now known as Parco Castangias (Castangias Park) was once a beautiful forest filled with cherry trees, European nettle trees, walnut trees and first and foremost chestnut trees, from which the place gets its name.

Pine Grove

A lovely, dense pine grove surrounds the upper portion of Villacidro, entirely covering the slopes of Monte Omo and Monte Cuccureddu upon which the town is positioned.