Itinerary detail

Linas sheep pen

A hike in an enchanted territory that recalls the fantasy of age-old legends, it unwinds inside a dense forest, allowing the excursionist to admire many traces of ancient coal working sites immersed in the woods, evidence of a mountain activity lost in the past.

The itinerary begins in Cantina Ferraris, at 367 metres a.s.l. and continues for a little while along path 109 to then continue along path 112. Heading north, you will follow the Canale Filareddus (canal) walking through shady holly oak groves along an ancient mule trail that becomes increasingly steep, crossing through gullies and clearings until you reach P.ta Picciuccu, at 719 metres a.s.l., that offers a lovely view of the gullies of Muru Mannu, the Rio Linas and Rio Figus rivers.

You will be gaining altitude and pushing forth into the dense woods of the vallata di Figus hollow to finally reach the dirt road leading to the Ovile Linas, (sheep pen) at 737 metres a.s.l., one of the most impressive of the massif. You will admire the beautiful vallata di Magusu valley from here along with various points of the mountain range.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
6 hours

Difference in height:
370 meters

Degree of difficulty:
expert (difficult)

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To be seen

Monti Mannu Park

One of the best known and loved areas of Villacidro, the woods in Monti Mannu is often the destination of weekend excursions and trips to the countryside.