Itinerary detail

From the Villascema valley to the Perd’e Pibera Park

Un trekking immerso completamente nel fitto bosco di leccio che si presenta pesante nel primo tratto per la sue particolare pendenza ma che conduce, con una piacevole e rilassante discesa, di raggiungere uno dei parchi più spettacolari della zona.

A hike that is completely immersed in dense holly oak woods that is a bit challenging in the first part due to its particular incline that then leads to a pleasant, relaxing descent into one of the most spectacular parks in the area.

The excursion begins in the Parco di Villascema park at 270 metres a.s.l. and continues uphill immediately to Genna Farracceus, at 674 metres a.s l. From here, you will cross the border between the territories of Villacidro and Gonnosfanadiga and continue uphill along a wide road to a spot of great panoramic interest called Genna Spina, at 956 metres a.s.l. The descent that follows is not difficult: the path leads from Genna Spina (through a holly oak grove) to the Perd’e pibera, park at 401 metres a.s.l. the most extensive Municipal Park of the Central Campidano province where woods filled with holly oaks and oak trees that are hundreds of years old alternate with the recently renovated buildings used at the molybdenite mine that was fully operative during the fascist Era.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
3 hours

Difference in height:
631 meters

Degree of difficulty:
easy - average hiking

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