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Cherry Festival

There have always been cherries in Villacidro and their culture has been handed down from generation to generation.

To this day, picking cherries is a moment of celebration and families take advantage of the occasion to be together and fill their cadinus (baskets) cheerfully.

The Sagra delle ciliegie (Cherry Festival) has been celebrated since 1970 in late May, during the period in which the peasants are busy picking the delicious fruit that has made Villacidro famous for being one of Sardinia’s major cultivators.

The area that is most involved in the activities is the vallata di Villascema hollow, a place that is well known for this product and is covered in red during the months of May and June, filling every garden.

This is a good opportunity to spend a day in the shade under a holly oak tree in the Parco di Villascema park which is well equipped with tables and barbecues, surrounded by gardens filled with cherries or to spend the day in the old town centre among the cherry vendors and craftsmen and women, music and dancing and enjoying many typical traditional dishes.

The festival also offers side events such as a trade fair of local products, farming and handcrafted works that are set up in the spacious green area. There is also music, dancing and singing to liven up the activity until late at night.

Route type:
walking and by car

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full day or weekend

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