Itinerary detail

A surprise in the Villascema hollow

A hike along the valley floor where the distinctive spots along the S’Ega Sizzoris gully offers intense emotions without having to feel the lack of those panoramic views so typical of higher altitudes.

This tour begins in the park at Villascema, in the vicinity of the Vecchia Dispensa (the Old Pantry) at 325 metres a.s.l., a clearing that still features the remains of an old storehouse used by woodsmen and coal workers back in the days of deforestation.

The excursion follows a fairly wide path that skirts the rio Gutturu Derettu river. The holly oak woods that you will cross during the first portion of the hike turn into the kind of vegetation so typical of the marshlands, allowing you to penetrate the S’Ega Sizzoris gully. The route runs close to the waterway, and wading through it several times makes it particularly enjoyable. Continuing from one ford to another, you will pass right under the imposing rocky wall of Is Campanili de S’Ega Sizzoris at 592 metres a.s.l., and discover very interesting settings. At this point you are not far from to the cascata di S’Ega Sizzoris waterfall. It is also likely that you will spot the endemic Helicrysum montelinasanum growing along the suggestive, steep granite gullies.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
3 hours

Difference in height:
267 meters

Degree of difficulty:
easy - average hiking

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