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Punta Cammedda

A fairly challenging hike due to its uphill climb. However, it is also one of the most fascinating for the beauty of the landscapes to be admired from the mountain peak.

A good portion of it is on dirt roads, mule trails and well-outlined paths.

Leaving from the Vecchia Dispensa, 325 metres a.s.l., located in  parco di Villascema, you will be able to reach one of the highest peaks of the Massiccio del Linas massif,  P.ta Cammedda. Continue along an uphill path that leads to Genna Farracceus at 694 metres a.s.l. in the Gonnosfanadiga territory, climbing the path that runs along a series of turns and bends until you reach Genna Spina and the evocative lookout point of Genna Eidadi, at 1026 metres a.s.l..

You will be approaching the rocky peak of P.ta Cammedda, at 1214 metres a.s.l., from which all of the highest areas of the Linas mountain range as well as the Campidano plains to the Gulf of Oristano.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
5 hours

Difference in height:
889 meters

Degree of difficulty:
expert (difficult)

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