Itinerary detail

From Pineta Carmine pine grove to Villascema

A particularly suggestive hike due to the variety of landscapes and spectacular views, with a powerful cultural association

The itinerary allows you to visit many of the places are described by Giuseppe Dessì a native of Villacidro, in his best known novel Paese d’Ombre (Town of Shadows).

The excursion starts in the town of Villacidro: from the residential area climbing the steep, narrow roads set in the rocks that lead to the excursion’s departure point at the chiesetta del Carmine at 300 meters a.s.l., This evocative panoramic site includes an iron cross and overlooks Villacidro in its entirety. Follow along the southward path through the pine grove (the trees were planted as far back as the late 1800’s) until reaching the Barisoni area at 400 metres a.s.l. where a more recently planted pine grove stands which also features many acacia trees..

Having passed through this grove, there is a narrow path that was once used for deforestation leading to the Narti hollow. Once you have crossed the river of the same name, follow along the Su mori de is crabaxius (path of the goatherds), towards Sa Genna de Sisinneddu Pittau, and then towards Rio Murtas, Su Cuccumeu and Croxialis, to re-descend towards the Parco di Villascema, (park) at 270 metres a.s.l., very evocative due to the presence of many cherry orchards that colour the entire landscape pale pink every spring with their blossoms.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
6 hours

Difference in height:
386 m

Degree of difficulty:
easy - average hiking

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To be seen

Pine Grove

A lovely, dense pine grove surrounds the upper portion of Villacidro, entirely covering the slopes of Monte Omo and Monte Cuccureddu upon which the town is positioned.