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Climbing the ancient steps

The origins of the town's urban structure go way back into the past. The oldest part of town is the rione Castangias district that has been inhabited since 1400.

The ancient “vicinato” (neighbourhood) found near the old town centre is a concentration of timeworn houses that cling tenaciously to the rocks, filled with architectural details recalling the past.

The town’s original nucleus runs along the Rio Fluminera river which splits the town in two as it twists through houses and roads. Just like any other town in the mountains, part of Villacidro is located on the slopes of the mountains and is surrounded by pine groves.

The framework of the original nucleus is still visible. Departing from the central Piazza Santa Barbara, it branches out into various directions. The districts are: rione Seddanusrione Sant’Antoniorione Castangias, rione Lacuneddas and the rione Frontera de sa Sa Mitza. The various districts on the uphill side such as Castangias and Seddanus and the Carmelo area are made up of roads and narrow lanes that are connected to one another by a maze of alleys and picturesque stone stairs which have become smooth over the centuries.

A stroll through these ancient places and the pleasant ascent-descent offer glimpses of particular beauty, revealing architectural details and styles to the attentive eye that are of great interest. These itineraries also lead to some of the most beautiful areas in the vicinity of the town such as the pine grove and the chiesetta del Carmelo (chapel), the Parco di Castangias (park) or the lovely panoramic route that circles the upper portion of the area, offering breathtaking views.

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Castangias Park

The area in the outskirts of the town now known as Parco Castangias (Castangias Park) was once a beautiful forest filled with cherry trees, European nettle trees, walnut trees and first and foremost chestnut trees, from which the place gets its name.

Pine Grove

A lovely, dense pine grove surrounds the upper portion of Villacidro, entirely covering the slopes of Monte Omo and Monte Cuccureddu upon which the town is positioned.

The Wash house

The Washhouse was built in 1893 in the ancient district known as “Frontera de sa Mitza”, on a design by engineer Enrico Pani. It was part of a much broader project that included the entire surrounding piazza.