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Sa Potecaria

“Sa Potecarìa”the ancient word in Sardinian dialect for pharmacy. This small, unique museum was brought into being thanks to the passion of pharmacist Dr. Ignazio Fanni.

Dr. Ignazio Fanni not only kept all of his family’s ancient pharmaceutical equipment but he added to his collection by purchasing pieces from all over the world.

The initial pieces of the collection originate from the ancient local pharmacy belonging to the Mancosu family, purchased in 1928 by the Fanni family. This museum is small but of great cultural interest, filled with furniture, utensils and instruments related to medicinal art in general and more specifically to pharmaceutical profession.

An abundant collection of books, equipment and various articles tell the story of what the profession of pharmacist was like before the revolution imposed upon the profession by modern industry. Evidence of a remote past, in which the pharmacist attended to personally preparing medicine in his minuscule laboratory, using raw materials (Epsom salt, castor oil, Vaseline, sucrose, herbs and oils…) purchased in large wooden, glass or ceramic containers.

The museum is split up into several sections, one in particular tells of episodes from World War II with a collection of medicines used by the US Army stationed in Sardinia.

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…He remained like that for a while, then he pulled himself together and headed towards the chemist that was still open. [...] Regardless of the fact that the pharmacist did not ask him any questions, he felt the need to tell him that the medicine was for a poor soul not covered by the local government.

(Giuseppe Dessì, Il Disertore)