Itinerary detail

The Water Cult – Matzanni

An excursion that does not present much difficulty on a technical level and allows the hiker to reach the important Matzanni Archaeological Site at which three sacred fonts have been discovered along with a village made up of 12 circular huts dating back to the Nuragic Era as well as the ruins of a Phoenician-Punic temple.

Driving along the panoramic road known as Sa Ia De Gariazzu, accompanied by a splendid view of the valley hosting the Leni dam, you will reach the departure point of the excursion at 500 metres a.s.l. right under the peak of Cuccurdoni Mannu at 911 metres a.s.l.. The first part of the hike along this path continues to present breathtaking views of the valleys below as well as of some imposing peaks like those of P.ta Banarba at 533 metres a.s.l.P.ta Sanoi at. 966 metres a.s.l. and P.ta Acqua Piccinna at 1010 metres a.s.l.. The excursion is a bit challenging during the first 1500 metres but the cantonal dirt road is quickly reached from which you will observe the reforestation of downy oak and cork trees to finally arrive at the important Matzanni Archaeological Site at 724 metres a.s.l. located in the territory of the Vallermosa municipality.

The return trip will take you onto a paved road through Genna Massidda at 650 metres a.s.l., to the Pedru Forresu, in the vicinity of your departure point.

Lastly, you can visit the Archaeological Museum located in the heart of Villacidro’s old town centre, the former Montegranitico which hosts some important finds from the Matzanni Archaeological Site.

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
4 hours

Difference in height:
224 meters

Degree of difficulty:
easy - average hiking

Geographic map