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flavours and fragrances tied to its agricultural tradition and a cuisine that features the fresh and genuine products of its soil.

One way to visit this town is by sampling the typical dishes of its local, traditional cuisine and discovering the production cycles of many excellent food products that characterise the territory through the participation in “laboratori del gusto” (taste workshops) that reveal many interesting facts related to the art of bread-making, wine-making and the production of oil, honey and sweets…many products that are the expression of an agro-pastoral community that Giuseppe Dessì so skilfully described with precision and attention.

Many small and medium sized local companies open their rooms to interesting tours that guide visitors through the production cycle of many products (breads, sweets, cold cuts, liqueurs…): farms demonstrate traditional methods used to produce dairy products in all its phases using work tools from the days gone by such as copper pots or caddaxiu, cork cylinders for milk, wooden spoons and knives; bakeries feature laboratories aimed at making the tourist familiar with traditional breads or the delicious local sweets that feature such essential ingredients as sapa (wine must), almonds, fresh cheeses and ricotta and – most of all the local liqueur Villacidro Murgia and orange zest.

Villacidro is also distinct for its production of quality cold cuts that the local firms prepare according to tradition as well as its flourishing agricultural production in which citrus fruits, cherries and olives excel. It is for this reason that farms demonstrate the cycle of oil production right among the silvery green of the olive trees, one of the area’s principal products. Other farms present the production cycle of delicious cold cuts. These tours are always accompanied by pleasant and relaxing strolls in the town and the surrounding countryside and cheerful moments of sample sessions.

Route type:
walking or by car

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half day or full day

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