Itinerary detail

Punta Acqua Piccinna

A fairly challenging hike due to the uphill elevation gain that is also filled with variety for its flourishing plant life as well as for its breathtaking panorama that can be admired every step of the way.

The excursion begins at Campus de Monti at 252 metres a.s.l, in the vicinity of lago Leni (lake). The first part of the hike runs along a clean road that is easy to walk upon: once you have crossed the rio Leni river, the path is steep and leads into the evocative vallata di Banarba hollow, characterized by many holly oaks and buckthorns that are truly unique. At a certain point you will abandon this road to follow along a steep “firewall” path that will take you to P.ta Banarba at 833 metres a.s.l. Walking alongside the enclosure, you will be able to admire the splendid view of the hollow below of Villascema and the Leni lake as well as the peaks of Acqua Zinnigas, Punta Cammedda.

You will reach the Genn’è pass at 778 metres a.s.l. and continue on the path leading into the dense woods of the vallata di Croigas hollow. A brief distance separates you from the peak of Acqua Piccinna that requires a little further effort to climb all the way to an altitude of 1010 metres a.s.l. Once you have reached this height, the view will compensate your efforts. The intense emotions it has to offer: the vallata di Magusu (hollow), the piano di Oridda (clearing), Monte Lisone. Your return trip will take you through the parco di Villascema park, immersed in a dense forest of holly oaks

Route type:

Travel time:
full day

Duration of the round trip:
4 hours

Difference in height:
758 meters

Degree of difficulty:
expert (difficult)

Geographic map